Refined Engineering.
Smooth Playing Experience.

It Begins At The Source

We’re really good at making Harmoniums. Time-honored designs are taken to the next level, increasing quality and craftsmanship while honoring tradition, and ethically building products that stand the test of time.

We don’t cut corners. If there is an option to improve the product, we do it. From the wood we choose to the machines we use, each step is considered for the benefit of the instrument.

Quality materials, ethical practices.

It costs more to make a better quality product, and we’re OK with that. By investing in our staff, equipping them with modern tools and infrastructure, and furnishing only select grade materials, we build better harmoniums consistently.

Thoughtful Design

Even response. Fluid keyboard action. Incredibly well-tuned. Long, dynamic sustain. Every Bhava harmonium is built and refined to ensure a smooth playing experience.


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