About Us

Preserving Tradition.
Setting New Standards.

Bhava was born out of a relentless belief that we could build outstanding harmoniums, empower craftsmen, and ultimately deliver a better playing experience to musicians everywhere.

“I can say with pride I am part of a team who makes the best harmonium.

Here, I am getting a chance to be part of an innovation team. We are the pioneer in dovetail joints for cabinets in the harmonium industry in India. This gives me job satisfaction. I have found a healthy working culture that keeps me energetic and innovative.”

Manoj Sharma
Sr. Technician | Cabinet Maker
Bhava Harmoniums | Delhi, India

“I always work with care and affection, keeping in my mind the feeling of the end user of a Bhava harmonium.

[This job is] amazing—just like dreams come true. I will never leave this shop because it helps us to stabilize our life financially as well as socially. I am very thankful to the management who supported me and my other family members during difficult COVID times. Feeling very happy to work here and always try to give my 100% to my work and support my other team members.”

Rakesh Shah
Quality Assurance Technician | Tuner
Bhava Harmoniums | Delhi, India

“While finishing Bhava harmonium cabinets, I always try to make so smooth—just like the skin of my baby, soft and smooth.”

Narayan Sharma
Lead Polishman
Bhava Harmoniums | Delhi, India

“It was the turning point of my life when I joined here.

Before that, we never used mechanical tools; most of the things were being done by hands only. It saves my energy, and that energy I am using to make the best harmoniums.

Here we are focused on quality rather than quantity. [There is a] great working culture and good team work that we have seen here only.”

(Vijender has worked in the harmonium industry for 35 years.)

Vijender Kumar
Sr. Technician | Assembly
Bhava Harmoniums | Delhi, India

“Working here is something like living with our family and enjoying our work, too.

I have never seen such a good team in which both management and employees are participating together and working for the best creation. I love my work and am committed to taking care of all the instruments from the bottom of my heart.”

Shashi Rawat
Operations Manager
Bhava Harmoniums | Delhi, India

Investing In An Environment Of Quality.

By combining traditional and modern methods of manufacturing, we produce the world’s best Delhi style harmoniums.

When we invest in better technology and a better environment for our craftsmen, we’re able to then increase the quality of our instruments and deliver an elevated musical experience.

Experience the sound of Bhava.